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The legendary stone known to posses powers to turn any metal into precious metals like gold and silver. It is believed that this "elixir of life" helps to achieve immortality. In a similar manner, Paras is polishing young students and turning them into responsible people as precious as gold.

Imparting instructions isn't the only purpose of Paras, the overall development of the child is the topmost agenda. State of the art facilities and competent staff help students imbibe intellectual and moral knowledge. We bring out the best in our students and make them responsible citizens with highest level of intelligence.

Paras with an endeavor to inculcate values is one of the prestigious schools providing world class education. Innovative learning methods and curriculum prepare our students to face the challenges that life throws. We believe that the real education establishes the connection with the society and we are trying to achieve the same.

About International Schooling

International schools were founded in the 19th century to impart education to children of employees of international organizations or embassy staff. Such schools are attended by children who are nationals of foreign countries. An international school is also attended by local students in order to learn foreign language or culture.

Local children get a lot of exposure to the culture of the country they are planning to move to. Teaching and learning in an international setting equip them with the relevant knowledge and hands-on experience to survive in completely new surroundings. The curriculum of such international schools is completely based on the country they belong to.

Chairman & Social Activist

The chairman, Shri Ram Chandra Raturi Ji, a highly qualified person with several prestigious degrees is the soul of our school who has been dedicating his time and energy to take it to newer heights. By providing a meaningful direction to young brains, our chairman is laying a perfect foundation for Paras.

His contributions in the field of education are remarkable. A prestigious educational institute like Paras truly deserves a chairman like Shri Raturi Ji. He is one of the prominent faces and has successfully been able to carve a niche in the field of education.

Managing Director & Visionary

The director is the strong backbone of our school. Since year, Shri Ram Ratan Raturi has been helping students in achieving their career goals in most effective ways. But analyzing and paying attention to the most issues in great details, the director makes sure that children are getting best of the infrastructure and education facilities.

A strong academic background makes him understand educational needs of the children and to guide them in most effective manner possible. Young minds of our school look up to him as a role model. Personal attention given to each and every child by the director builds up their confidence and inspires them to explore the journey of life in unique ways.

Mission, Vision and Objective

Paras is committed to inspire young minds to get the best education and to utilize it to hone their professional skills. Our unique teaching methodology makes it easier for students to enhance their grasping power. We dream of building a vibrant community of scholars and to make it a reality; out talented team puts all possible efforts. A team of experienced and highly qualified teachers imparts valuable knowledge to their students and help them to face life's challenges in a better way. We aim at providing education matching international standards. Our commitment brings out the best in our students. More goals to be achieved.

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