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Smart Class

Technology mixed with education, this is what a smart class considers of. This teaching method is paradigm shift and has given a completely new and meaningful direction to education. This classroom teaching method is a popular and one of the most effective ways to impart the best of education using technology.

Unlike conventional teaching methods, the concept of smart class makes the learning process more interesting and exciting. Nobody can deny the important role the technology plays and when it joins hands with education, a brighter future is guaranteed.


A sportsperson is forever young and perfect example of fitness. Healthy citizens of a country are capable of building a brighter future of the nation. We, at Paras provide best games activities to our students that turn them into people with healthy body and a sound mind. These gaming activities definitely help them in facing toughest of challenges with great ease. From basketball to gymnastic, we have diverse games to keep children busy and stay active. Balanced education includes following both aspects: Academic/Non-Academic Keeping this in mind, Paras has been providing the best of sports facilities.


Paras is one of the renowned schools with advanced educational facilities. A balanced approach to provide perfect education is to take care of overall growth of an individual. Both academic and non-academic activities should be planned to impart a balanced education. Sports is one of the best activities to feel rejuvenated, both physically and mentally. Activities like basketball, tennis, skating, etc. help students imbibe positive energy. Our talented sports team leaves no stone unturned to provide unique training to students. This great exposure to various sports activities makes team strong like a rock.

Computer Lab

Technology has become an integral part of everybody's life and making it simpler and convenient. Since Paras believes in overall balanced growth of students, we have established well equipped computer lab inside our school premises. This helps our students to become technically sound. We make them well-versed with latest technologies. Our faculty is highly qualified and imparts the best technical education.

Our computer lab has machines with latest models and with topmost software programs installed on them. This well-equipped lab indeed helps children design a better future and a great life.

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